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Know your co-workers

5 February 2007

To be a project manager is more than just to manage and stay in control of the status in the project. You also need to know your project-members. I currently manage a project with 18 resources and it is a challenge to know what motivate each one of them. A couple of the programmers would like to […]

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Receiving Feedback

15 January 2007

Why is feedback so important?
There are many answers to that question but the most important answer must be that you are able to receive valuable information about what You need to improve and in that way also develop your self.Giving feedback can sometime be difficult but receiving feedback can also be difficult, but in […]

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Giving Feedback

10 January 2007

To form a medium project-team into a high performance team that are highly motivated to meet the objectives of the project you, as a project manager, need to work actively with Feedback. The main objective with feedback, as I see it, is to help other collegues/coworkers to develop them selves and in that way also perform […]

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