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Basic Organisation Chart in MS Visio 2007

23 February 2007

Microsoft Visio 2007 offers you great possibilities to quickly define a professional organization-chart of your project. With this tutorial will it take you no more than 5 minutes to create a chart of your project.

1. Choose File->New…->Business->Organization Chart.

2. Start by top level in your project. In this case it is a Steering Committee. Choose the Executive Shape in the Shape Window. Drag it to the drawing. Click twice on the text. Type Title and Name(s). 


Shape Window 

3. Drag the Manager Shape from the Shape window and place it on top of the Executive Shape, in which you wrote Steering Committee. Visio will place it below the Executive Shape and connect the two shapes. Add Name (John Dowson) and Title (Project Manager).

 Add Project manager position
4. Drag the Position Shape and place it on top of the Manager Shape (Project Manager) to create sub-projects. Enter Suitable names and Titles. 

Add Sub PM Position

5. Drag the Staff-shape from the Shape-window to the Sub-PM position of your choice. Repeat this procedure until you have the correct amount of Staff-shapes connected to the correct Sub-PM position. Add the Name and the Title.


6. Select the Sub-ordinates and their manager shape by holding down Shift and selecting the Shapes. In this case Architect 1, Architect 2 and Sub PM Dawe. Choose Organization Chart -> Arrange Sub-ordinates. Choose the Layout that you wish. 


Arrange Sub-ordinates





7. Continue to add staff to the Sub-projects and the final results could look like the picture below.

Organization Chart



Good luck!

/Johan Beijar

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