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Non Workingdays in MS Project

4 April 2007


This is a Free Tutorial about Microsoft Project 2007 and you find more free tutorials here written by Johan Beijar. More tutorials about Microsoft Project 2007 are frequently added. 

To get correct accuracy in planning and follow up in Microsoft Project 2007 you need to define the holidays or other non working days in the Project Calender. You do this by following the steps described below.

1. Open Tools -> Change Working Time…

Change Working Time

2. Choose the date that you would like to set to No Working Time. In this case 6th of April 2007. Enter the name of the Non Working Day in the table below and choose start and end-date. Click on Details.   

Define Non Working Days

3. It might be the case that you want the Non Working Day to recurre daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and then you use the Recurrence Pattern. But in this case we want it to happen only once. Mark the End After button and set it to 1 occurence. Verify by clicking Ok twice.


Good Luck!






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    6 Responses to “Non Workingdays in MS Project”

  1. Rajesh Dhuddu, PMP Says:

    Yes this is a pretty useful feature. Infact, it can be customized to such an extent that separate calendars can be developed for separate people.

  2. johan Says:

    Dear Rajesh,

    Yes, you are correct and that is a nice feature if you, for example, have resources that only work part time. I’m planning to bring up this subject later on.

    Thank you for a good comment!

    //Johan Beijar

  3. hieuhotrung Says:

    Excellent education web site.
    Wish you all he best,

  4. Guneet Singh Says:

    thatz a nice features, how i can set saturday as permanent working day in project 2007?

    Thank’s for your question.

    One way of doing this is to choose Tools->Chane Working Time…
    Choose the standard calender and include an exception for Saturdays.

    You do this by inserting an exception in the Exception-tab. (write Saturday). Choose on which date the change should start and end. Then click Details…
    Click the Working hours-radio button. Choose weekly recurrance pattern and confirm the start and end date once again.

    That should do it…

    //Johan Beijar

  5. Wahoo Says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Issah Abdul-Wahab Says:

    Excellent tutorials to learn new tricks in MS Project

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