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Linking Tasks in MS Project

15 April 2007

  This is a Free Tutorial about Microsoft Project 2007 and you find more free tutorials here written by Johan Beijar . More tutorials about Microsoft Project 2007 are frequently added.

In MS Project you often need to link tasks together. This is how you define and display relationships and dependencies between different tasks. The default link type is Finish to Start Link but there are 3 additional types, in total 4 different link types;

1. Finish to start (FS).

You have two tasks; Lay foundation (Task A) and Raise Walls (Task B). You are not able to start Task B before you have finished the foundation. The link between these two tasks is therefor a Finish to Start. 
2. Start to Start (SS)

Let’s say that you and a friend are going to put up a new fence. You are putting down the poles and your friend are attaching the net. This is two different tasks; Putting down poles (Task A) and Attaching net (Task B). These two tasks are of Start to Start link type because your friend needs to wait until you have started your activity but he does not need to wait until your are finished with your task. The SS link type does not require that both task starts simultanously.

3. Finish to Finish (FF)

Using the same example as above you can also say that you need to be finished with putting down the poles before (Task A) before your friend is able to finish his task of attaching the net (Task B). This is a FF link type.

4. Start to Finish (SF)

When you lay a foundation to a house with concrete you could have two tasks, Lay foundation (Task A) and Deliver Concrete (Task B). Task A is not possible to to completed before Task B.

To create a Finish to Start link between two tasks;

1. Click on the Finish-date of the first task.

2. Press CTRL and click on the Start-date of the second task.

3. Click on the Link Task button in the Toolbar.

Link Types

To change Link Type;

1. Open the Task Information of the specific task by double-clicking on the task.

2. Choose the Predecessor-tab

3. Choose what kind of Link Type you would like from the drop down-list.

4. Confirm by clicking OK.

Task Information

//Johan Beijar

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