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Filter in MS Project 2007

23 April 2007

    This is a Free Tutorial about Microsoft Project 2007 and you find more free tutorials here written by Johan Beijar. More tutorials about Microsoft Project 2007 are frequently added. These tutorials will not guarantee that you will run a successful project or be a great manager but it will increase you possibilities of understanding and work more efficiant with the project management software.

A quick way of sorting information in MS Project is to use Filter. A Filter is predetermind set of rules that will find certain tasks. This is espacially useful when you have large projects with many tasks and need to find certain tasks easilly. You find the Filters on Project -> Filtered For:.

As default there are 10 different Filters in MS Project 2007;

1. All Tasks.  As it sounds, will show you all tasks in the project.

2. Completed Tasks. Shows all completed tasks in the project. Filter on the Percentage Complete Field in the General Tab in Task Information.

3. Critical. Shows all tasks that are on the critical path in the project.

4. Date Range. Will filter out tasks that starts or finish after a certain date of your choise.

5. Incomplete Tasks. Shows all incompleted tasks in the project. Filter on the Percentage Complete Field on the General Tab in Task Information.

6. Milestones. Filters out all tasks that are marked as a milestone on the Advanced tab in Task Information.

7. Summary Tasks. Shows all the summary tasks.

8. Task Range. Will give you the possibility to show task between ID x and ID y.

9. Task With Estimated Durations. Shows all tasks with the duration estimated. This is indicated by a “?” after the time in the duration field.

10.Using Resource… Let you filter on resource of your choise.Good luck!

//Johan Beijar

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