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Task Drivers Pane

3 May 2007


This is a Free Tutorial about Microsoft Project 2007 and you find more free tutorials here written by Johan Beijar. More tutorials about Microsoft Project 2007 are frequently added. These tutorials will not guarantee that you will run a successful project or be a great manager but it will increase you possibilities of understanding and work more efficiant with the project management software.

Dependencies are often crucial and important to understand and monitor in a project and it can often be external dependencies that drives the time line for the project. It is therefor important to quickly get an overview of the dependencies to a certain task. If you have many tasks in a project it will quickly get difficult to manual follow the dependencies.There are three different ways of viewing the dependencies in Microsoft Project 2007;

1. Open the Task Information dialog box by double-click on the task and choose the Predecessor-tab.

2. View the Predecessors in the Predecessors-column. You will then see the Task-ID of the Predecessors.

3. The third alternative, which I recommend, is to use the Task Drivers pane which is a New Feature in MS Project 2007.

Select a task and choose Project -> Task Drivers. Microsoft Project 2007 displays the following information; Name and Task ID of the Predecessor, Task Type and if there is any Lag between the Tasks, which calender that is used, and which resource(s) that are assigned to the predecessor.

Task Pane Drivers

Task Pane (to the left) display the information for the Predecessor for task Raise Walls.

/Johan Beijar

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