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Assign resources to tasks

4 July 2007

This is a Free Tutorial about Microsoft Project 2007 and you find more free tutorials here written by Johan Beijar. More tutorials about Microsoft Project 2007 are frequently added. These tutorials will not guarantee that you will run a successful project or be a great manager but it will increase you possibilities of understanding and work more efficiant with the project management software. As a part of the initial planning you should assing the resources to the tasks that you have defined in you work breakdown structure. This is a fairly easy and straight forward process in Microsoft Project 2007 for you as a Project Manager. You do this by; 

1. Open the Gantt Chart-view by clicking View -> Gantt Chart or by clicking the Gantt Chart on the View Bar.

2. Select the task that you would like to assign resources to and click the assign resource-button or press Alt+F10.

3. Select the resource that you would like to assign to the task and enter the percentage that you would like to assign the resource to the task. 100% is fulltime assigned to the task.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 if you would like to assign more resoureces to the task.(If you forgot to add the appropriate resource(s) in the Resource-sheet you can just add the name of the resource in the firrst available row.)

Resource Dialog-box

Resource Dialog box.

You are also able to see the see the planned workload for the different resources by clicking the Graphs…-button. You will then see the following the dialog-box.


Graphs Dialog Box.

The red bars in the picture above indicates the selected task and the blue bar to the far right shows another task. This graph is useful if you are uncertain if a specific resource is avaialbe for the task or not.

Good Luck!

//Johan Beijar

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    6 Responses to “Assign resources to tasks”

  1. Hank Schlenker Says:

    Any thoughts/suggestions on using MS Project for managing construction projects, including use of multiple contractors with individual budgets? In other words, is there a budget/roll-up function in MS Project that can be used for laying out budget and actual costs, along with project milestones and completion targets?

    Dear Hank,

    You can ofcourse use MS Project in the situation that you mention above. Have each sub-project to create a separate project in MS Project (mpp-file) and then you create one Master Project in which you include the sub-projects. Make sure that you have all the sub-contractors to work in the same way regarding MS Project and also verify that all sub-projects make a baseline. A suggestion is also to make sure that the plan from each contractor is build in to the contract. Using MS Project for a construction-project should not be more complicated than using it in other industries. Another suggestion is to meet all the contractors and do a Work Breakdown Structure with each one of them to capture as many tasks as possible. This will also initialise good discussion about responsibilities.

    Good luck!

    //Johan Beijar

  2. prajyo Says:

    hi i m a rookie project engineer.I have been working as a process engineer(Chemical engineer) for past 2 years,now i have changed my job,and joined a consultancy firm,as a project engineer.So i need to learn from basics of project management.So please help me out on this,guide me,so that i may carry out my responsibilities as a “Project Engineer” ,quite efficiently.
    I found ur site quite,useful.Thank You.

    Thank you. Glad to be able to help you.
    It is difficult for me to “guide” you without knowing more about your current challenges. In general I would although recommend you to start with small projects that you are able to handle and deliver. Do not start with the big and more complex projects, you will come to those anyhow later on. Another good thing to do is to look into the PMBOK (Project Management Book Of Knowledge) which will provide you with best practices for certain diciplines in Project Management. Another advice is to do different kinds of projects in different industries so you get a lot of different experience, this is very useful and that leads me into my last advice of today…
    Have patience and get experience, learn from your misstakes and grow in the proffession of project management….this is how you turn into a great project manager.

    //Johan Beijar

  3. tanika-san Says:

    Hi Johan,
    I have a question about resource assigment.
    I’m a new user of the Project 2007, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to assign more then one resource (I mean work resource, real people) to the task, so, this task appears for, let’s say, 3 people in my team and they would be able to report progress on this task (% or hours) and display it in their timesheets.
    I’ve created proposal, and when I go to build team, I can add all people who’s going to work on this project. But when I create a task, there is possibility to choose only one person for one particular task.
    Thank you in advance!

    Dear Tanika,

    You can ofcourse add more than one resource to a task. Please read the tutorial about assigning resources to task and about resources. You are most welcome to contact me if these two tutorials not answer your questions. You should also read about duration equation which will give your more insight to resource-management in Microsoft Project 2007.

    Good Luck!
    //Johan Beijar

  4. Dan Says:

    I have gone thru all the tutorials and have a pretty solid calendar setup for a residential construction project. I have assigned resources (subcontractors) to the tasks. I would now like to give work orders to those subcontractors, but don’t want to give them the whole calender. Don’t know if this is even possible. For now, i just printed a blank monthly calendar, and hand wrote in the dates when the subs are required to do the work. Pain for a dozen subs, especially when we are doing multiple houses! Help!?

    You have two quite simple options…
    1. Use the Resource Usage View and copy the tasks/subcontractor into an excelsheet or word doc.

    2. Step One: Open the resource sheet. Name each Subcontractor SubC A, SubC B, etc… in the Group column. Step Two: Open the Calender. Use the Filter Option that you find by choosing View->Toolbars…-> Formatting. Filter on Resource Group. Type in SubC A. This will make MSP to filter out the tasks for SubC A in the Calenderview.

    I hope this helps you…

    //Johan Beijar

  5. Tom Says:

    When a task is to begin, can Project integrate with Outlook to send an email to the resource?

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the question!

    Yes, Outlook can do that if you use MS Project Server but not with a standalone MS Project 2007, unforntunately.

    //Johan Beijar

  6. Tom Says:

    Thanks Johan. Given your answer about Project and Outlook needing MS Project Server to send emails, is it necessary to have MS Project Professional or will MS Project Standard be adequate?

    Dear Tom,

    You need MS P Professional for the ingegration towards MS Project Server. All to make Microsoft make more money…


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