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Know your co-workers

5 February 2007

To be a project manager is more than just to manage and stay in control of the status in the project. You also need to know your project-members. I currently manage a project with 18 resources and it is a challenge to know what motivate each one of them. A couple of the programmers would like to continue to develop them selves and try to become experts within their specific nisch. Another programmer would like to continue on to be a project manager, some other is interested in educational questions.

Then I have my test manager, who is a rough diamond. He is very skilled and I trust him completly. I am currently trying to coach him the best I can to take a step forward and take even more responsibility. As of today I do not have a deputy and I would like him to take a natural step and accept that role. I although had a bit too much confident in him a gave more activities that he can cope with. This has resulted in him being stressed and not delivering according to the standards and quality that I need him to do. The root-cause of this problem is actually me and I’m irritated about this. I should have paid him more attention and balance the workload for him in a better way.

To coach your co-workers is important but it is also important to monitor that you not load too much work on them. The balance is fine and not always easy to keep.


All co-workers need challenges, but they need a fair challenge that they are able to handle…

/Johan Beijar


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  1. Mansoor Says:

    I fully agree with Johan’s views, and like to thank him for creating & maintaining this tutorial.

    Thank you, I appriciate it!

    //Johan Beijar

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