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Tracking Toolbar

14 August 2007

As the captain of a ship you need to outline the course that you are about to sail and then you always need to keep your bearings under close control to be sure that you navigate correctly. The same goes for You as project manager, you define the plan and execute your project and during the execution of the project you need to stay in control of your progress and next step/tasks in the project. How You choose to work with updating progress in your progress is something that You as Project Manager need to decide and what works in one project may not work in another. Read more about Actual Progress to get more information about what to think of when updating the progress in your project.

A convenient way of updating the actual progress in Microsoft Project 2007 is to use the Tracking Toolbar. You find the Tracking Toolbar by clicking View->Toolbars->Tracking.



Tracking Toolbar

1. Project Statistics. Microsoft Project 2007 gives you statistics about the progress in the project. MSP will provide you information about about Start, Finish, Duration, Work and Cost.


Project Statistics

2. Update as Schedule. With this option you update the selected tasks to progress exactly according to the schedule.

3. Reschedule Work. This feature reschedule the selected tasks to start/continue at the current date.

4. Add Progress Line. The cursor changes into to a selection tool that lets you choose the date for the progress line.


Progress line.

5-9. 0% to 100% complete. Select the task(s) that you would like to update and choose the 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% progress for the task(s). You can from the start of the project decide to only report progress in 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% per task. If you do so this feature is convenient for you.

10. Update tasks. Opens up the Update Tasks Dialog box. Here you update Actual and Current Start and Finish and you are also able to update % complete, Actual duration and Remaining duration.



11. Set reminder. This feature lets you set a reminder to be sent via Microsoft Outlook. You can set the timer in Hours, Days, Weeks or Months before the start or the finish of the task.

12. Collaborate toolbar. By choosing this option you will se the Collaborate Toolbar and this is very useful if you are working with Project Server, Web access and enterprise project management. Without Project Server and Web Access installed and configured you have no use of this option.


Good Luck!

//Johan Beijar

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  1. Nilesh Presswala Says:

    How can I have MS Project software ? Can I down load it.? if so Pls. provide link.

    Dear Nilesh Presswala,

    You need to buy MS Project from Microsoft or a licensed dealer. Please contact Microsoft for further information.
    Good Luck,

    BR Johan Beijar

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